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The Ecclesiastical History of the Ancient Churches of Piedmont and of the Albigenses

by Peirre Allix (In English works he used Peter Allix.)

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This book was originally published in 1690 by a French Heugenot named Pierre Allix or in English Peter Allix. Click here for information about Peter.  It was actually published as two books, Remarks on the Piedmont churches and Remarks on the Albigensian churches.  In 1821 it was republished with the two books combined into one.   I am following the 1821 version here.

This book was written and published in England but its intended target was Jacques-Bénigne Lignel Bossueti the Bishop of Meaux who was trying to show that Protestantism was recent and variable.  Peter Aillix instead showed that the Waldenses were ancient and consistent. Meaux wanted the Edit of Nantes revoked.  Allix wanted it strengthened but before Peter Allix could finish his book and get it printed the Edit was revoked and Huguenots had to flee France.


A History of the Vaudois

by Antoine Monastier         Available in:   Docx       ePub      Mobi      PDF


Vaudois 2
This book was published in 1846 by a Waldensian pastor name Antoine Monastier.  It is one of the best and most interesting books on the Vaudois or Waldenses.  It begins with the possible conversion of the Waldenses by the Apostle Barnabas and continues down to the 1840s.

In editing this book I discovered that most English copies are greatly abridged.  They comment that the items left out only concern the Waldenses.  Yet, if your intention is to understand the Waldenses those items are easily as important as any other part.  So, I found a Google scan that was complete and retyped the missing sections (which amounted to about 80 pages) back into the book.  It is still missing some of the Appendix.  However, those were in the patois  of the Waldenses or in latin so they would not have been helpful to most of us.

The PDF version above is the scan of the complete book but also without some of the Appendix’s.