Daniel and the Judgment

By William H. Shea, PHD

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This is the mimeographed paper prepared by William H. Shea for the Glacier View Summit on Theology in 1980.  It was written to answer certain propositions made by Dr. Desmond Ford regarding the Adventist understanding of the Investigative Judgment which it is taught began at the termination of Daniel’s 2300 day prophecy.  This book covers, theology of judgment, dating issues for the beginning and ending of the 2300 days, exegesis of Daniel 7, 8 and 9 showing how these prophecies are interrelated and bringing out their eschatological significance.

It should be remembered that this paper was prepared hurriedly and never edited for book format.  Much of the material that is in this paper is reproduced in Selected Studies on Prophetic Interpretation, Daniel & Revelation Committee Series, Vol 1, by William H Shea, (General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists, 1982).   It is not Dr. Shea’s definitive work, but it is important as part of the historical process which culminated in the Glacier View Summit of 1980.  Further it contains many valuable suggestions for methods to properly interpret Daniel 7, 8, and 9.

In preparing this paper for its electronic edition all the charts were rebuilt.  The paper was scanned and the the scanned print was corrected for errors.  Please report any errors or ommissions to Robert Brauer at rcbrauer@gmail.com.

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