On this site you will find free ebooks in various formats. Most of them will be books that I have edited.  Usually I edit a book using Microsoft Word. Then it is saved in html filtered format. From there it is converted to ePub or Mobi format.  This allows three main formats with footnotes usually as endnotes and a bibliography and Table of Contents. With older books printed in other countries I will often update the spelling to US Standard. In a few books I have update the Scripture texts to NASB 1995.  I do this unless there is a particular point that the author is making that relies on a particular translation for its springboard.

At the top of the page you will find five links to pages:

The Subjects link takes you to a listing of Book Subjects. There you may search for a book by Subject.

The Authors link takes you to a page that lets you search by Author.

The Titles link takes you to a page that is alphabetized by book Title.

The News link takes you to a page of the latest books that have been added.

The Podcast link takes you to the Minnesota Conference Camp Meeting Audio recordings.

I hope these books are a blessing to you.

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