“A Search for Relevance”
(How to have a dynamic relationship with Jesus Christ)


From billionaires and Hollywood celebrities to street derelicts, Herb has made it his passion to lead the lost to Jesus. You will not want to miss hearing the dynamic testimony of a businessman who has changed his primary motive for being in business from that of serving-self to serving his friend Jesus. Herb says, “Your personal testimony is the most powerful thing that you and I have for winning people to Jesus.”

Herb grew up an Adventist preacher’s kid, went through church school, academy, and college, gave his heart to the Lord, wanting to do great things for him, but didn’t know Jesus. He got involved in church as a young adult, but nothing exciting was happening in his life. Herb now states that his life has exploded with “Wow” relevance since finally giving in to letting Jesus take control.  No longer simply a verse found in the book of Philippians, “I can do all things through Christ, which strengthens me” has become the motto under which this layman lives his action-packed life. In addition to sharing Jesus everyday with all those he comes in contact with, Herb maintains a heavy international speaking schedule as a lay-revivalist to many different denominations.

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